Stangrecki Sztuka

The product of my many years of searching is a unique collection of proprietary items, micro-sculptures, three-dimensional bas-relief forms – one-of-a-kind, unique and fascinating – with motifs referring to archetypes and anthropological symbols from the history of culture.

Each item is a work of art in itself – only linked to jewelry with FUNCTION – decorative, utilitarian and religious. They are made of precious materials like silver, gems and glass – using the lost-wax technique while maintaining the principles of ergonomics.

Each item is made ONLY ONCE – so when you wear it, you become a one-of-a-kind work of art, a gallery, a sacred space…

I can make the item SPECIALLY FOR YOU – in such case, I first get to know your individual preferences, then make you an original, distinctive amulet – a treasure.

Each of these works is one story, a reminder of old civilizations, lost empires and individual human stories, hopes, dreams …

The Silver Angel – fortunately, for the best – looks after your Home.

Each element is created ONLY ONCE – so by wearing it you become a one-time work of art, a gallery, a sacred space …

STATUETTES, MEDALS, STAMPS We can make for you commemorative statuettes, sculptures, medals or awards, silver, gold or gold-plated stamps, pins and other precious items in a limited edition or as one-of-a kind pieces

Black ragged edges, as if the mark of the hand was suddenly cut off … lost. The silver PTASIOR takes flight.

At work time.

COINCIDENCES – The first test – they show if you fit together very much or just a little…

Coincidence – by definition: lucky luck, the coincidence of several events, often unexpected and without any discernible reason

Catalog 2023
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